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  • 08.11.2013

    Yuri Chumak, comment on "The Weather in the office of probation"

    23 сентября 2013
    Телеканал Тоніс

  • 01.01.2013

    Protection of Business Rights in Disputes with Public Authorities

    The issue of relations with state and local authorities in obtaining various permits and approvals is increasingly important for business organisations. Despite the declared administrative, judicial and other reforms aimed at simplifying relationships in this area, obtaining permissive documents remains a rather complicated and bureaucratic procedure. Besides, often recourse to these bodies entails grounded refusal, since the authorities are not entitled to give a groundless refusal. Under these circumstances, the current procedural legislation provides the opportunity to appeal against decisions, acts or inactivity on the part of an authority or some of its provisions.

  • 01.01.2012

    Commercial Law in Ukraine

    Ukrainian Law Firms

    Business “feeds” the economy all year round. And so it is no wonder that the effectiveness of the legal means regulating economic activity directly influences the economy’s investment environment and potential.

    In accordance with the Commercial Code of Ukraine “entrepreneurship is an independent, proactive, systematic, at one’s authority economic activity, carried out by economic entities (entrepreneurs) intending to achieve economic and social benefits and profit” (Article 42).