Our firm

Since 2005 LEXFOR law firm  provides services in all areas of legal work for Ukrainian and foreign companies. We are guided by the principles of commitment, reliability and honesty in our relations with customers. We consider building of trustful business relations with each customer to be one of our main principles which would allow achievement of the result you expect.

LEXFOR strives to meet the highest quality standards. We are always looking for a unique way to solve a particular case, taking into account customer’s objectives and needs. You can contact us with any questions and needs of your business, because we are dealing with a wide range of legal matters. Please, find more information about our practical experience at “Practice”.

LEXFOR unites qualified lawyers with different specializations. Each of them has serious practical experience in jurisprudence. Thanks to the professionalism and thorough practical experience of our lawyers, we are trying to be one of the best law firms in Ukraine. Activities of the firm and each individual expert aim to provide maximum benefit to our customers thanks to the coordinated work of the team and everyone’s responsible attitude to their professional duties. Please, find more information about experts of the firm at “Team”.